Young ChefsClasses and Ateliers for all

Cooking becomes child's play: these classes are designed to let young chefs learn while having fun, in French and in English.



Ritz Kids

For ages 6–13: The simple art of cooking, for the pleasure and pride of saying "I did it all by myself."

Adult-Child Duos

For ages 6-13: Adult-child duos. For the pleasure of preparing and savoring a delicious meal together.

"Cooking is a science and an art." 

Auguste Escoffier

Other fancies

Gift Cards

Offer a cooking or pastry class with an Ecole Ritz Escoffier gift card. 
Whether your guest dreams of cooking like a Chef, is a vegetarian gourmet or loves luxury street food, we have the the perfect class.

Introduction to cooking

An initiation to cooking: understanding and mastering the indispensable basics to become comfortable and confident in the kitchen.