L'Ecole Ritz Escoffier

An international reference among culinary institutions, the Ecole Ritz Escoffier embodies French excellence in every way. Located inside the  hotel's celebrated kitchens, the school features facilities designed for optimal comfort and in perfect osmosis with the reality of life behind the scenes at the Ritz Paris. With a unique concentration of expertise and conviviality, its certification courses and general classes alike are led, in French or in English, by chefs with distinguished backgrounds. This exceptional team is delighted to share its passion and experience with those who likewise appreciate excellence, be they enlightened enthusiasts or tomorrow's star chefs.


Perfect your culinary skills inside the world's most beautiful hotel. The Ritz Paris offers the luxury of three laboratories, one of which opens onto the main kitchen.


A unique experience: classes and workshops are held inside the kitchens at the Ritz Paris, placing you right in the heart of the action and the life of the hotel.


Upscale, state-of-the-art utensils and equipment: the school offers the chance to work with the best  tools and resources for optimal comfort. All of our kitchens are also equipped with a digital video filming and broadcasting system.


All classes can be taught simultaneously in French and in English. Recipes and fact sheets are also available in both languages.

Lessons in the true spirit
of the Ritz

Modern cuisine was born at the Ritz Paris. It was here that Auguste Escoffier, the extraordinary and avant-garde chef, laid the foundations for the ingenuity and renown French cuisine enjoys to this day.  Since 1988, the school has transmitted with passion and precision the values cherished by the visionary chef and great humanist who revolutionized cuisine, from the Carlton and Savoy hotels in London to the Ritz Paris.


A style, a heritage, and know-how: for nearly 30 years, the Ecole Ritz Escoffier has been teaching the art of French cooking. Originally created by Auguste Escoffier, the first Chef at the Ritz Paris and the pioneer of modern cuisine, this art continues to be handed down with passion.


Whether you're just becoming acquainted with cooking techniques or looking to improve or perfect your skills, our certification courses, taught in French and in English, offer everyone — from novices and enlightened enthusiasts to future and established professionals — the chance to achieve excellence.


Our team imparts expertise acquired in the greatest kitchens in France and around the world with kindness, passion and generosity: at the Ritz Paris, our chefs and expert teachers are always delighted to share their talents with you.

The king of chefs and the chef of kings

Few men in the history of Cuisine have left as profound a mark on the profession as Auguste Escoffier.

Escoffier was the pioneer of modern cuisine. Working in a bridgade, the establishment of modern hygiene standards, and sauce reductions came at his initiative: his organizational genius   and revolutionary innovations comprise the foundations of French gastronomy to this day.  

The ambassador of French cuisine. A tireless teacher, Escoffier trained more than two thousand chefs. His work and timeless recipes remain the ultimate reference for chefs the world over.

In the great chef's spirit, the Ecole Ritz Escoffier continues to train chefs from all over the world and share its passion for the art of French cuisine — an art that continues to be invented everyday.

Our team of Chefs

Pedagogues and enthusiastic: experienced chefs who have a taste for sharing.

Expert teachers

Cédric Maton, Simon Manoukian, Jérôme Coindre, Tristan Rousselot and Olivier Lainé, our teaching Chefs, all learned their skills in the most celebrated Maisons. In addition to teaching you the techniques of excellence, they will show you how to appreciate the subtlety of products and flavors and develop your own sense of creativity.

A concentration of skills

Star-studded career paths, at Michel Rostang, Guy Savoy and the Shangri-La Paris. Experience in prestigious establishments all over the world: Spain, the Canary Islands, Réunion Island, Mauritius, and Great Britain, to name a few. Before choosing to join the Ecole Ritz Paris and share their skills with students, our Chefs trained in many of the best restaurants in the world.