La CuisineClasses and Ateliers for all

2017 CollectionNew year, new delights !


Discovery class: The essential basics explained, plus practical experience to make you feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Traditional Dishes

The best of French cuisine, from regional specialties and bistro classics to favorites from the menu at the Ritz Paris.

Two times around…

Everything begins with respect and high-quality produce. Our chefs teach you how to make the most of seasonal ingredients.

"Culinary art must evolve constantly, never resting on its laurels or on routine."

Auguste Escoffier

Special Class

Follow the chef's lead from market to kitchen and cook a delicious meal based on the day's shopping.

Cuisine for Well-Being

Good health starts with what's on your plate: our chefs offer tips and know-how on cooking healthy gourmet dishes.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegetarian cooking has earned its rightful place in the gourmet cook's repertoire.

Haute Couture Cuisine

Initiation and application techniques for those who dream of experiencing the world of haute cuisine from the inside.

Chefs' Top Techniques

The art of the jus, carving, and cooking to perfection: learn the fundamentals of French cuisine so that you, too, can cook like a chef.
D'autres envies

Gift Cards

Offer a cooking or pastry class with an Ecole Ritz Escoffier gift card. 
Whether your guest dreams of cooking like a Chef, is a vegetarian gourmet or loves luxury street food, we have the the perfect class.


All kinds of classes and ateliers are available, in French and in English. Cream puffs, macarons, chocolate: whatever your favorite, whatever your level, you're sure to find what you love. Welcome all sweet-tooths.