Pastry-MakingProfessional Training and Consulting

This training course includes three levels dedicated to learning the basics of French pastry-making and is designed for beginners whether enthusiasts, aspiring professionals or changing careers.
At the end of each level, the trainee is awarded a Certificate in French Pastry following an ongoing assessment of their work and successful completion of the practical exam. After earning all three certificates, the trainee will be awarded the Ritz Escoffier Pastry Diploma.
Subject to availability and the approval of the school management, trainees who attend all three levels of the program may extend the training course by participating in a 4-week practical training course in the pastry laboratory of the Ritz Paris.

French Pastry - Introductory Level

Learn the basic culinary skills of French pastry-making and master the essential techniques while applying the rules of hygiene and safety in the pastry laboratory.

French Pastry - Intermediate Level

To broaden the knowledge and master advanced modern pastry-making techniques.

French Pastry - Advanced Level

To become familiar with the pastry-making of Michelin-starred restaurants and discover the art and the underlying approach to modern pastry-making.
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