• French Cuisine - Advanced Level

    From 5 600€

French Cuisine - Advanced Level

15 days training

    • module
    • 15 days
    • 5 600 €

Training course goals

To become familiar with the cuisine of Michelin-starred restaurants, master modern culinary techniques, discover the art and the underlying approach to Haute Gastronomie culinary creations.
• To become familiar with the cuisine of Michelin-starred restaurants
• To discover the preparation of ‘amuse-bouches’
• To begin to learn about low-temperature cooking
• To perfect plating and presentation skills
• To learn how to select products and ingredients like a Chef
• To set-up a final buffet to validate the acquisition of skills of the Advanced level

Daily management and organization module – final section: working as a team, managing and monitoring the production and supplies, respecting the procedures and production methods, conserving and storing products.

Other fancies

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Whether your guest dreams of cooking like a Chef, is a vegetarian gourmet or loves luxury street food, we have the the perfect class.